turbopunk (turbopunk) wrote,

Power restored

About 2 hour (and 15 minutes, but who's counting) after my last post, my power was restored to the house. I'm still trying to conserve power for my fellow city dwellers. I haven't turned on my AC. I haven't turned on my computers (only a laptop and the modem/router.) I've limited myself to one load of laundry today. I will run one load of dishes as I go to bed. Granted, the AC is coming on tomorrow. However, I'm good with keeping it high and keeping a few windows open and ceiling fans running.

I am looking forward to washing my hair tomorrow morning. It's about to revolt.

I've cleaned the "Biohazard" half of the fridge. I'll hopefully get the other half tomorrow.

There is still no power at work. We used a generator to boot enough of the network such that all the spooled mail could be sent. I know things bounced, but I did get a few things.

Brandy and Zoe return tomorrow. The city is still on curfew. Bin Laden is dead. Life goes on.

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