turbopunk (turbopunk) wrote,

He's Back

As many of you know, I participate in a 24-hour gaming marathon every year to raise money for a charity named Extra Life. All the money I raise goes directly to Children's Hospital of Alabama through the Children's Miracle Network. To date, I've raised $2,799.28 to help make sick children's lives a little better.

This year, the marathon will be on November 2nd. Yes, that is the day the clock falls back. Yes, that means this year will be a 25-hour gaming marathon. I'll be pushing myself even harder to help those that are pushing hard every day.

Unfortunately, there is one area in which I have been slacking a bit. This is the area of fundraising / solicitation. I raised my personal goal to a new time high of $1,200, but I've waited the longest I've ever waited to start my fundraising campaign.

I'm not happy about this.

Neither is the feral platypus.

The feral platypus called me the other day to remind me of this. The feral platypus said he's sending over an enforcer to get me in gear and keep my straight. I thought he was just trying to use his old scare tactics to get me in line. Then, I got a knock at the door.

It was the gorillagator. The gorillagator was not happy, either. The gorillagator informed me that I will get back in gear for these kids. The gorillagator reminded me that I don't have a choice because these children don't have a choice. Finally, the gorillagator reminded me that he is an official agent of the feral platypus, and that, well, I probably shouldn't repeat the rest of what he said in a post to help children...

A few bucks out of your own pocket is not too much to ask. Every donation you make is 100% tax deductible. You'll even get a nifty receipt you can print out to keep the feds off your back. Most importantly, you'll get the peace of mind knowing that you eating leftovers for lunch one day turned into a slight improvement in the quality of life for a child in a dire situation.

You'll also get the gorillagator off my back.


  • tap tap tap

    Is this thing on? Yes, I'm still alive. How YOU doin'?

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